Oct 02

A Fun Learning Game That Will Help Your Preschooler Learn Their ABCs

Preschool Activities & Learning GamesIf you’ve ever tried to teach a rambunctious toddler or preschooler, while battling their irrepressible energy, you may need some preschool activities that involve more than just their brains. Physical learning games are a great, fun way to teach your child that will motivate them and keep them wanting more.

One of our favorite learning games is what we call the “Letter Race”. To play, I simply wrote different letters of the alphabet on index cards with a marker. I place 3 random letter-cards at the opposite end of the room or yard, then I stand back on the other side with my son and tell him, “When I say ‘Go!’ I want you to run and get the letter ‘n’ (or any other letter) and bring it back to me as fast as you can.” I ask him if he understands and maybe even have him repeat the letter. Then I say, slowly, “On your mark…Get set…Go!” I cheer him as he runs down, chooses the letter, and runs back. If he gets it right, I’ll sometimes give him a small treat or else a hug and a “Good job!”

The beauty of this preschool activity is that it’s a triple-threat: It helps him learn his letters, it provides him with physical exercise, and it develops impulse control by teaching him to wait to run until I say “On your mark…Get set…Go!”

This learning game is also totally customizable. You can use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, colors, shapes, or anything you can draw or glue to an index card. You can play with more than one kid, too. Just have them each go for a different letter.

The Letter Race always results in a laughing, happy, (smarter), exhausted kid…Perfect!


  1. Mud Hut Mama

    Lovely! Isn’t it wonderful when they learn and get tired enough for a nap at the same time!

    1. Lorraine Bradley

      All while taking it easy on Mommy!

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